See How Wupp Works

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You type, we write.

That's right. No more hand cramps. Simply login, type your message and we've got the rest. One of our qualified writers will handwrite your note for you.

Personalize your note.

Stop buying generic cards from the dollar store. Choose from a variety of handwriting and stationary styles to make your note feel personal and professional.

We mail it for you.

No envelopes? No stamps? No problem. Don't waste time running back and forth to the post office. We'll make sure your note gets in the mail and reaches its destination.



Wupp is currently in open beta and is
offering services for free.

    Give Wupp a try and enjoy these features:

  • Five letters per month
  • Professional stationary
  • Envelopes
  • Postage
  • 60 word limit per letter
  • Sent within two business days after submission